Your Brand

In order to succeed an individual or an organisation must portray an appealing, strong, confident brand message to their target audience. And if you want to be successful then you will want the best brand possible. We hope this information here helps you create or update a compelling Personal Brand.

Rise of the biological business

I’m about to explain that you are actually part business and part human. In other words, you are part biological organism and part commercial entity. In addition, I’m then going to highlight that in this changing and evolving economic climate, that this is a fact you simply can’t ignore.

The hybridised entity that is YOU possesses unlimited professional potential in the 21st-century world of work and to capitalise on this you need to be intimately familiar with your personal brand. But before your eyes glaze over and you push this piece of information to the dark corners of your mind never to be retrieved again, I want you to hear me out.

You, the business

You see, as you sit here and read this you are actually in control of the universes most sophisticated invention, Homo sapiens. The biological organism that we all command and control with our mind is what underpins our extreme potential and enables us to create a flourishing life.

We can move freely, sense and interpret a huge amount of stimuli. intelligently deliberate about pretty much anything, self-heal, learn new skills, adopt our own philosophies, pursue unique interests, live in accordance with our values, and operate daily in our own unique way. This is the biological organism part.

The business part of you is completely separate from biology though. It is an invention of modern civilisation. When you are born in a country you are turned into a legal entity that is bound by the law of the land. Your legal identity turns you into a commercial entity meaning you have to pay taxes on income, have certain obligations, and are even issued a tax file number so that you become part of the “system".

A business is defined as “commercial activity" and you, the legal person, are a commercial entity. Throughout your entire life, you operate as a business, and if you disagree try to opt-out of paying taxes. In this advanced 21st-century world that we inhabit, being part-business is a given.

You produce value

If you take a moment to think about businesses you’ll realise that the whole reason they exist is to provide some form of value in exchange for money. For example, a gym provides space, equipment and in some cases, a community, of which, some people are happy to pay an ongoing subscription to utilise.

A graphic design company provides valuable expertise and delivers high-quality digital products; a barber delivers men’s grooming services; and, a marketing agency provides analytical capabilities, copyrighting skills, and social media savviness.

The businesses mentioned provide a specialised form of value, along with a dollar figure, and then sell the value they provide to customers.

As individuals, we charge other people for the value we provide. ALL THE TIME. In some instances it is obvious. If you were a tattooist, you, the person, are charging another person, for the tattoo you provide.

Similarly, if you were an independent editor, you charge clients which may be self-publishing authors, businesses, or a mixture of both, a nominal fee for the valuable editing service you provide.

The two examples above relate to independent professionals, but if you have ever been employed or charged anyone for anything in your life, even if it is an Airtasker gig, or renting out a room, then you have fundamentally operated as a business. Being employed simply means that YOU ARE CHARGING A BUSINESS ON AN ANNUAL BASIS for the value you provide to them. You could very easily gain employment somewhere else, effectively selling your services to another company, and adding another customer to your biological business.

All businesses have a brand

Every organisation, from charities to international corporate giants, and small retail stores to emerging start-up companies, has a brand. A company’s brand holds its story and purpose.

It’s what they are known for, who they are, who they want to be, and how they are perceived. It distinguishes one business from another and is reflected in everything from customer service to creativity; advertising and marketing to product offerings; and strategic partnerships to corporate culture. Even the research areas an organisation is interested in and their governing principles form unique elements of their brand.

The biggest organisations in the world are those whose brands have captured the hearts of the masses. On the contrary, organisations nosedive if their brands are tarnished and customers fast learn to run the other way. Because of this, savvy businesses invest huge amounts of money, time, and effort into bettering their brand. They know that a good brand is an elevator to success resulting in loyal customers, positive word of mouth, and a host of other benefits.

Branding is not something to be taken lightly.

You have a brand

Since all businesses have a brand, and you are essentially a business, then logically, you have a brand. It’s your PERSONAL BRAND and in the 21st-century world of work, this is something you can’t ignore.

Your personal brand is the reason people will spend money on your products and services; it’s why they’ll opt in to do business with you; associate with you; invest in you; and, if you’re looking for employment, it is one thing that could make the difference in getting hired from an interview.

Due to the evolving nature of work, globalisation forces, the ability to work remotely, and the changing relationship that us-humans are forming with our career, your personal brand is more important than ever!

Out of 100’s-of-1000’s-of-people that could apply for similar positions and fight for similar jobs to you, that may or may not even be in your state or country, your brand is what will cause you to come out on top. There are so many important aspects of your personal brand that we created a course, wrote a whole book on it and even created a new field of study that we’ve dedicated ourselves to.

How you perform in an interview situation plays a big part in how your personal brand is portrayed and this is why we created The Hidden Art of Interview Hacking course, if you want to supercharge your brand then Enrol Now.

If you’re interested in achieving your personal brand’s potential and exploring the changing nature of work, you’ll love “Personal Brandology". Invest in your copy now.

Your resumé is a personal branding document

Now that you’re up to speed on the importance of your brand it’s important to ensure that your resumé, the document that is pitching your business to a prospective employer, is nothing short of REMARKABLE.

It can’t look average, it can’t be boring, generic, or diluted. It needs to be professional, aesthetically pleasing, engaging, and potent. This sales document is worth anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000’s of dollars annually, depending on the job you are going for.

We know that the current state of resumés triggers painful responses in employers for many reasons, and, in actuality, our in-depth knowledge about this area is what caused us to create the ZYGADOC resumé building platform so that it need not be this way any longer.

The ZYGADOC resumé building platform ensures your resumés look professional, are highly functional, can be exported in whatever format you need, can support any multimedia that contributes to your brand. And allows you to manage all targeted applications in one place, and, through our ZYGAVERSE BRAND COACH, ensures your information is HIGHLY POTENT and INFLUENTIAL when your resumé lands on a hiring managers desk.

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