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Interview hacking micro-credential

Interview hacking micro-credential finds its footing

Breegan Gloury
16 September 2021

The Hidden Art of Interview Hacking course offered by ZYGAVERSE, which originated in Melbourne, Victoria, has started to make a global impact. The interview hacking course, initially conceptualised in 2015 by Jayden Kafanelis for his first start-up company InternMe Australia, has slowly but surely found support and evolved into a valuable educational resource for job seekers,


Interactive Coach Teaches Job Seekers How to Fill Out Their CV!

Breegan Gloury
16 September 2021

Just 2-years after launching their innovative company, ZYGAVERSE has “wowed” users again with their newest platform feature – the Brand Coach. For the last 3 years ZYGAVERSE has been a pioneer in the personal branding space, developing and offering multiple products to service this niche. Products include an evolved resume building platform capable of supporting rich media…

Personal Brandology for employability

Personal Brandology leads the way for employability

Breegan Gloury
15 September 2021

In August of 2021, after 4 years of research and writing, Personal Brandology finally hit the shelves. The book’s arrival to the market timely amidst the surging gig economy and the evolving concept of 21st century work. Jayden Kafanelis, a University of Melbourne alumni…

Resumé Fear Story

Feel the Fear & Embrace your Resumé

Nadia Grant
21 August 2021

I don’t know about you, but the very first feeling I get when I think about updating my resumé is cringeworthy. The last time you thought to even look for it, was it too painful to even consider where it could be?…

ZYGADOX Acquires InternMe

ZYGADOX Acquired InternMe and its Recruitment Technology

Nadia Grant
20 August 2019

Melbourne, Victoria (20 Aug 2019) – ZYGADOX®, the cutting-edge software development company behind ZYGAVERSE® and the ZYGADOC® evolved resumé technology, and the development partner of well-known brands such as…

Jayden Kafanelis - ZYGAVERSE

Jayden Kafanelis, Co-founder of InternMe

The Social Deck
24 March 2017

Jayden Kafanelis and Dylan Trickey are two university students tackling the university associated employment struggle. Soon after realising that the path from university to employment wasn’t so clear cut…

VU students turn job hunt into start-up

VU students turn job hunt into start-up

Ann Marie Angebrandt
29 June 2016

Lifelong friends Jayden Kafanelis and Dylan Trickey founded the venture InternMe(external link) to match students and graduates with internships, jobs, and real-world opportunities at companies around Melbourne…

Tycoons head to 'start-up school' in Italy

Tycoons head to 'start-up school' in Italy

Ann Marie Angebrandt
22 June 2017

Victoria University is sponsoring nearly 20 students to attend the prestigious European Innovation Academy in Italy, where they will take start-up ideas from concept to potential business in 15 days…

InternMe connects students with legitimate internships

InternMe connects students with legitimate internships

Gina Baldassarre
11 May 2016

Internships are on the mind for many following the government’s launch in last week’s federal budget of a new scheme to help young Australians gain work experience. With businesses taking part receiving $1,000 up front…